National Treasure Dolly Parton Releasing A Dance Album For The Gays

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National Treasure Dolly Parton Releasing A Dance Album For The Gays

Dolly Parton, perfect human announced today that she may be working on a new album soon. Something more upbeat. Dancey. Gay.

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Tonto dike’s twitter account been hacked by hankers

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Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has declared that her Twitter account has been hacked, as she got a message which she is sure does not belong to her account this morning.
According to her tweet, she got a message from twitter announcing that her account has been verified as celebrity account, asking her to click a link to verify.
She went further to reveal plans of leaving the popular social media for the hackers. She stated, “Beware, This is OR might be FAKE people,My twitter handle has been Hacked** #Sad this ain’t d way I wanna leave***”

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Wrong Weather Information

It’s been raining all morning but my iPhone’s Drop down weather widget seems to give a different result. In fact, it hasn’t been sunny for about a week now.That not being the only thing,it also gives me wrong location service based on where I am.Where it states that I am is actually nowhere near my actual location. Is it just my phone that’s got the problem??


1st Year Remembrance of Atta Mills

It’s been a year since the untimely demise of the former President of Ghana,Prof. John Evans Attah Mills.The man widely acclaimed as “Asomdue Hene” literally meaning “Peaceful king”. This entire week has been dedicated in his memory and various activities to honor him are to take place as scheduled. It was just three days after his birthday that he died unexpectedly. It’s been rumored that be actually died at the Castle and that it was already late when he got to the hospital. The autopsy conducted haven’t been released though and we calmly await the results to know what was the actual cause of his death.It has been a rather wet morning as the rains have been pouring down since dawn in various parts if the capital. This downpour is even associated with the Anniversary by some people who say it is a sign of his peaceful rest.